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Are you looking to find a Fuel supplier that is reliable, committed and can have your fleet looked after day or night?

If you are seeking a reputable name in the transportation industry, A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. may be the company to support your growing fleet. Whether it’s refuelling, DEF, lubricants,  or other products and services we introduce to the transportation industry, you can be sure the quality is high and cost is competitive. We have the service partner to ensure that we will deliver the fuel or lubricants you need, when you need it.

Small and medium size fleets, ask us about our temporary fuel storage containers. Yes, fuel cubes can be transported. Yes fuel cubes can be delivered with fuel.


1. Fuel Card

The A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. Retail Fuel Card program allows you to save money and attain peace of mind with access to fuel locations all across North America. An owner/operators tool for fuel savings; the card maximizes retail fuel savings and provides you access all across the country.
Features include:

  • Restricted PIN (Personal Identification Number) access.
  • Locations all across North America.
  • Detailed Reporting.
  • Expanding Network of Stations.
  • Pricing discounts for fleets (5 trucks or less).

Have 6 Trucks or More? See Card Lock Program
The ability to save on an individual driver’s fuel expenses is now in your control. The Retail Fuel Card helps you unlock savings at the pump wherever you are. With an expanding network or stations to help you re-fuel all across North America, NEVER pay retail prices for fuel again.

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2. On-site Delivery

On-Site Delivery for trucking fleet, transport companies, and delivery fleet vehicles. From a few trucks to large flees, On-Site, overnight, Refuelling helps you make the most of your operating hours.

  • Choose Your Schedule: Using a local fuel service that is sensitive to your diesel fuel delivery needs. Have it delivered when and where it counts! A ONE Transport Inc. on-site re-fuelling helps you streamline your operations.
  • Reduce Waste: Nothing hurts more than watching your operators stand around because the vehicles are queued. Let’s eliminate the waste and have everyone fuelled and ready to go on schedule.
  • Improve Your ROI: Our online fuel management and tracking system helps you instantly and effectively monitor, improve and increase productivity.

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3. Fleet Fueling

At A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. we love to save you money. This is why once we have assessed your fleet’s fuel requirements; we can supply you with a complete full proposal, our reputable industry references, and a tailored program to suit your specific re-fueling needs.

A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. is an “on-call” fuel supplier with customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We promise you a real person will answer the phone. You will have a one-on- one A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. professional from our service partners on your side to assist you. We recognize that relationships matter, and we want to make sure you are “wowed” by our service. Whether you need our help to analyse metrics, look at enforcing policies or controls for your fleet, managing purchases, or assist with online monitoring, we can do all that for you and more.

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A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. delivers diesel fuel directly to your location. We are premier fuel supplier in Ontario .Our crew is 100% certified in all safety & compliance regulations.
When you succeed, we succeed!

Contact Us today for Tank Refueling. We provide a tank refuelling service you can count on!

To schedule on-site or tank  refuelling speak with one of our fuel management professionals.

5. Temporary & Transportable Fuel Storage & Fuel Cubes

A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. supplies a full range of self-contained tanks and dispensing equipment for the safe storage and handling of fuels, lubricants and other fluids.

Rent or Purchase bulk fuel storage containers that are legally transportable while full of diesel fuel. Our fuel cubes provide an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for heavy-duty, on-demand fuel supply applications. Secure and lockable equipment cabinet can be used for tank farms, long-term power systems and fleet re-fuelling applications. Our fuel cubes have been used on transportation dispatch centers, trucks yards, fleet sites, and in “emergency” applications.

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6. Card Lock

The A ONE Transport Solutions Inc. Card Lock program allows you to take back control and attain peace of mind when managing your fleet or transportation organizations. A fleet carrier’s tool for fuel management; the card maximizes security and simplifies processing.
Features include:

  • Restricted PIN (Personal Identification Number) access.
  • Large network of Card Lock Locations.
  • Limit maximum purchase amounts.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Pricing discounts for fleets (6 trucks or more)

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Have 5 Trucks or Less? See Retail Fuel Card Program

The ability to monitor individual driver’s fuel expenses are now in your control. Unlike typical credit cards, with Card Lock you will have a lower chance of theft or potential fraud; misuse is reduced. Customized accessibility for each card is also available. A record of each transaction is amalgamated into reports, which can provide you with further insight on how to reduce costs.

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  • Fuel your company’s productivity and profitability with essential refueling services
  • Overnight and on-time fuel delivery so that your trucks are always ready to move out.
  • Your drivers are always driving rather than wasting money waiting in line to fuel up
  • Save money on a daily basis and turn it into huge savings on an annual basis.

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